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MYLEMulticultural Youth Leadership Event
MYLEMaking Your Life Easy
MYLEMy Youth Leadership Experience (Buffalo Grove, IL)
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Perhaps that was what Myles was doing in that faraway village, too.
Tim Firth, headmaster at Wrekin College, said Myles was an extremely talented young man who had shown great maturity in supporting his family - and father - through a very difficult time.
I'm delighted Myles has decided to join us rather than some of our championship rivals who were also interested in signing him.
When officers showed it to Ms Myles she admitted it was heroin.
For the past couple of years, Ryley and Myles have laid a wreath together at their local Remembrance Day ceremony on behalf of The War Amps Operation Legacy.
Myles Nelson McKenzie Design is a North American business with a particular focus on providing high quality design and comprehensive construction documentation.
I am very angry that Jamie and Myles didn't admit their guilt.
In Chapter 1, Myles provides an overview of classroom diversity, welcoming newcomers, and models of language support.
In one video, Myles takes down the myths surrounding the food additive MSG - in another he tackles misconceptions about the food sweetener aspartame.
Christopher Myles stole more than a million dollars from his incapacitated employer and her family's businesses to fund shopping sprees at Tiffany & Company, vacations, and the purchase of a new home," said District Attorney Vance.
Every scary page makes it imperative to keep reading and find out what happens next to fearful Myles and his hapless family.