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MDMVMaize Dwarf Mosaic Virus
MDMVMultidimensional Multivariate Visualization (technique)
MDMVMythologie(s) De Mon Voisin (French: Mythology(ies) of my neighbour; independent cinema promotion association)
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Whether to admit Hercules among us or not, concerning this I long remained dubious: for though according to the Greek mythologies, that antique Crockett and Kit Carson --that brawny doer of rejoicing good deeds, was swallowed down and thrown up by a whale; still, whether that strictly makes a whaleman of him, that might be mooted.
It is the uncivilized free and wild thinking in Hamlet and the Iliad, in all the scriptures and mythologies, not learned in the schools, that delights us.
Yes," groaned the Admiral; "by one of those brutal accidents on which are built all the lying mythologies of mankind, they were both shipwrecked.
Ensuite, la relation avec autrui est a son tour liee a cette mythologie de l'unite.
Bessett found that most women tended to minimize the influence of pregnancy mythologies when asked directly about information sources they trusted most.
Tristan Tzara & company were political to the core, smashing stained-glass mythologies against brain tissue leaving behind enraged tattoos impossible to remove.
The other two mythologies are also of outstanding quality, and complement the Danae nicely by illustrating somewhat later stages of the painter's career, the aforementioned Venus Blindfolding Cupid from the Borghese, and the sketchy but powerful --and disturbing--Flaying of Marsyas (c.
The scenario is based on the Greek and Roman mythologies such as Acis and Galatea, Battle of Thermopylae and Hercules and players receive oracles from mythological figures to find out hidden truths or are led to experience heroic events.
TODA* 10am AA Gill (Barclays Pavilion) The travel writer, TV and restaurant critic uncovers truths and mythologies about America and Americans.
PLANS: Study neurobiology, cognitive sciences, psychology, philosophy, English/literature and Folklore and Mythologies at Harvard University.
Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures" is a unique reference delving into the massive mythologies of the world, discussing the traits and elements that the demons share throughout the world.
Kusikiy: A Child from Taquile, Peru respectfully portrays the traditions and culture of a heritage that promotes oral storytelling, music, dance, its own rituals and mythologies, and more.