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DMTDiscrete Multitone
DMTdisaster management team (United Nations)
DMTDiversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff
DMTDigital Media Technologies
DMTDeutsche Montan Technologie
DMTDistributed Mission Training (US DoD)
DMTDry Metric Tonnes
DMTDisease Modifying Therapy
DMTDiver Medical Technician
DMTData Management Team
DMTDistributed Management Task Force
DMTDiamond Machining Technology, Inc.
DMTDroplet Measurement Technologies (Boulder, CO)
DMTDivine Moments of Truth (slang for dimethyltryptamine)
DMTDMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) Management Team
DMTData Miniaturization Technology
DMTDatabase Management Technology
DMTDirectorate Management Team
DMTDet Mosaiske Trossamfunn (Nowegian)
DMTDepartment of Motor Traffic (Sri Lanka)
DMTDiscrete Monitor Timing
DMTDraw My Thing (game)
DMTDistributed Mission Trainer (US DoD)
DMTData Management Toolkit
DMTDual-Mode Tracker
DMTDesign Management Team
DMTData Monitor Tool
DMTDirectives Maintenance Team (International Electrotechnical Commission)
DMTDesign Maturity Test
DMTDeep Mobile Target
DMTDigital Media Thoughts
DMTDocument pour le Médecin du Travail (French: Document for the Occupational Physician)
DMTDecreed Moscow Time
DMTDual-Mode Transmitter
DMT1,4-Dimethyl Terephthalate (polyester PETE manufacture)
DMTDivision of Mass Transit
DMTDeacon Ministry Team
DMTDevotional Ministry of Trance
DMTDispersive Mechanism Test
DMTDunkerque Multibulk Terminal (French)
DMTDimethyl Terephthalate
DMTDirected Mission Task (US Army)
DMTDaeyeon Motor Trading
DMTDigital Microscopy Technology (Mediterranean Association of International Schools)
DMTDefective Material Tag
DMTDistrict Management Team
DMTDesign Maintenance Test
DMTDevelopmental Maintenance Testing
DMTDisposal Management Team
DMTDiscrete Multitone Technology
DMTDesign Methods and Tools
DMTDeployment Management Team
DMTDecision Making Team (various organizations)
DMTDocument Messaging Technologies
DMTData Migration Tool
DMTDirector of Military Training (various locations)
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