N-DExNational Data Exchange
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N-DEx is our response to requests from law enforcement and the IACP for us to find an answer to the challenge of information sharing.
N-DEx is already being pilot-tested with the West Virginia State Police and police departments in Marietta, Georgia, and Alexandria, Virginia.
The purpose of the Trail Guide is to give the reader sufficient background to get started with N-DEx implementation.
CPAC has played an active role, including being the sponsor for the adoption of the N-DEx Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) as a national standard and the development of reference documents like the Trail Guide to help companies get started.
From there, the information is uploaded to N-DEx, where it can be used in solving other crimes on a national level.
Now, Memex has the ability to exchange (import and export) data in a format compatible with the N-DEX Information Exchange schema specification.
N-DEX is a national standard to which Memex adheres.
Sypherlink's 'agency integration toolkit' will help minimize the burden and cost of N-DEx participation for law-enforcement agencies" said Rehan Chawdry, Sypherlink's national security practice leader, who is responsible for ensuring that the company's solutions fully support the unique requirements of government agencies and evolving national data-sharing standards.
NYSE: RTN] was awarded the N-DEx system development and implementation project by the Bureau's Criminal Justice Information Services division (CJIS) earlier this year and included Sypherlink's technology within its solution.
Initiate Systems was selected as a member of the Raytheon Team for the N-DEx program.
Best Manufacturing's N-DEX disposable nitrile glove is the only non-latex glove to comply with the 1999 standard set forth by The National Fire Protection Association, which writes standards for fire suppression and protective equipment, as well as training and codes used and implemented by the organization's more than 70,000 firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, and fire protection professionals.
The Sterile N-DEX helps eliminate risks of allergic reaction posed by latex proteins found in latex gloves commonly used in medical facilities.