N350Negativity at 350 ms
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For testing the Vihtavuori line of powders applicable to sixguns, we used N110, N350 and 3N37, all of which are appropriately suited for hunting loads in magnum revolvers.
LexFeel N350 l(Inolex) (Diheptyl succinate (and) 0.
He has disclosed that all these investors have offered N350 million each to the FCTA as fees for survey charts, detailed planning for land utilization, engineering drawing and demographic details, legal documents as well as other supplementary services to qualify.
The UPS loan is in addition to a separate loan of N350 Million Naira (approximately $2.
Comments: This super shiny conditioning cream formula combines Emulsense HC with LexFeel N350 to provide a moisturizing effect to the hair, naturally.
received final approval from the Nigerian Export-Import ("NEXIM") Bank on March 28, 2007 for an additional loan of N350 Million Naira (approximately $2.
In late February 2006, the Management Committee of NEXIM approved the additional sum of N350 Million Naira (approx.
The range includes: LexFeel N5, an alternative to cvcloniethicone; LexFeel N20, an alternative to 20 cSt dimethicone; LexFeel N50, an alternative to 50 cSt dimethicone; LexFeel N100, an alternative to 100 cSt dimethicone; LexFeel N200, an alternative to 200 cSt dimethicone; and LexFeel N350, an alternative to 350 cSt dimethicone.
The other versions, LexFeel N20, N50, N100, N200 and N350, are "uncanny in their similarity to dimethicones," according to the firm.