NAAAPINational Association of African Americans for Positive Imagery
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Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, the primary goal of NAAAPI is to eliminate the marketing of tobacco, alcohol and other harmful products in communities of color throughout the nation.
Cheryl Healton, Legacy's President and Chief Executive Officer praised NAAAPI for its commitment to reducing and preventing second hand smoke exposure.
Additional information about NAAAPI can be found by visiting http://www.
Grass-roots mobilization campaigns led by NAAAPI have resulted in the removal of other tobacco and alcohol products from the consumer market such as "X" cigarette and Power Master malt liquor.
For information on other communities that are planning actions to support the Atlanta and Pittsburgh activities and to condemn the target-marketing of menthol tobacco products to African Americans, contact NAAAPI at 610-617-9145.
CONTACT: Charyn Sutton for NAAAPI, 215-848-8860 or 215-696-1205.
The Uptown Coalition is a founding affiliate of NAAAPI.
The next major national activity of NAAAPI will be a public commemoration of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, held in Philadelphia.