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NAACPNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Baltimore, MD, USA)
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After an independent review, the NAACP recognizes the importance of this plan for our members," said Kent Whitley, Chair, NAACP Political Action Committee.
The NAACP has had many white leaders over the years, and the ascension of a white woman to the leadership of an NAACP chapter - in Spokane or Eugene or Hackensack, N.
Last fall, WILPF joined the NAACP in once again protesting the racist treatment of UNC-CH house-keepers.
The NAACP celebrated its 100th birthday last year and the organization has widened its mission scope beyond traditional civil rights advocacy.
Only a little over a year ago, Huffman drew attention when it was disclosed that she received payments from pharmaceutical companies -- which the NAACP had sided with against a labor-backed initiative aimed at reducing drug costs.
Harpers Ferry is significant in NAACP history as the location of the second conference of the Niagara Movement, which was a forerunner to the founding of the civil rights organization.
During his frequent skirmishes with Oswald Garrison Villard, Walter White, and other NAACP officials, Du Bois could always count on Ovington's support.
That's why Gordon's goal of reframing the NAACP mission (or in his words, the NAACP "brand") with a laser focus on building black wealth, leveraging black spending power, growing black-owned businesses, and bringing sorely needed jobs and resources to black communities, is right on point.
The NAACP and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund are two distinct entities.
A mass-based religiously orientated Civil Rights Movement had started in Birmingham, and this movement, more militant than the NAACP, was made up of pastors and church people who were convinced that God would give them the victory over the forces of segregation in the city.
Bolin moved up the organizational ranks of the NAACP almost as quickly as she did the professional ranks of her career.
In her chapter on rural black political culture during the 1920s Woodruff does a terrific job of using letters sent by local people to the NAACP to show the extent of black political awareness in the Delta.