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The study's purpose was to establish the effectiveness of the NAADS programme in eradicating poverty among the women and men of Katabi Sub County since 2001.
The study has found that women are less likely to access the NAADS program due to the domineering nature of men and lack of land ownership.
Having taken direct control of NAADS (responsible for providing extension services) following its forced restructuring in 2009, the President is in a great position during such "poverty tours" to visit model farmers and provide them with cash or donated pickup trucks for their SACCOs.
The last observation to make from the results is that although farmers who were members in NAADS as well as those who accessed agricultural credit were associated with lower yield, they did not experience significant differences in gross profit compared to farmers who were not members of NAADS or did not access agricultural credit.
Given that farmers are rational in allocation of resources to enterprises that are likely to bring higher returns is probably the most important reason why use of improved inputs in Uganda remains low, even when government through programmes such as NAADS is encouraging farmers to use these inputs.