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NACANational Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NACANeighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
NACANetwork of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific
NACANational Association of Consumer Advocates
NACANational Association of Campus Activities
NACANational Animal Control Association
NACANational Action Committee on AIDS (Nigeria)
NACANational Advisory Council on Aging
NACANorth Australian Canine Association
NACANational Air Carrier Association
NACANational Agricultural Chemicals Association
NACANational Association of Cost Accountants
NACANunavut Arts and Crafts Association (Canada)
NACANational Association for Cancer Awareness (Oman)
NACANational Association of County Administrators
NACANorth American Cruiser Association
NACANew American Consolidators Association
NaCANational Connections Academy (Baltimore, MD)
NACANational Association of Chiropractic Attorneys
NACANational Association of Christian Athletes
NACANorth Austin Civic Association (Texas)
NACANational Association of Chinese-Americans
NACANorth American Crappie Association
NACANational Academy of Chiropractic Assistants
NACANorth American Currach Association
NACANorth American Coastal Alliance
NACANetwork Access Control Authority
NACANative American Casino Association
NACANorth American Corriente Association
NACANational Association of Credit Analysts (Washington, DC)
NACANon-Advocate Cost Assessment (US Air Force)
NACANational Agency for the Control of AIDS (Nigeria)
NACANational Association of Collection Agents (Washington, DC)
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NACA 4412 aerofoil profile blade can generate maximum power of 308 W, at an angle of attack 10[?
Even though much of this information is deeply esoteric and of most interest to hardcore space history fans, the story of the NACA and NASA emblems is deeply intertwined with the history of aviation, the space race, and the organizational challenges of a storied agency after its greatest triumphs.
The walkathon is symbolic and we intend it to be fun for all ages," said Dr Wahid Al Kharusi, NACA secretary-general.
Yuthar al Rawahy, founder and chairperson of NACA couldn't be happier about the prospect of a youth-driven campaign to raise awareness and funds for cancer victims.
A complete study of the aerodynamic behavior of the NACA 4421 airfoil under different methods of modification is shown in order to perform a detailed comparison between the modification methods.
Early paddles of wind driven generators were designed and developed based on propellers, and mostly used the NACA series airfoil.
To be eligible for the program potential homebuyers must attend a NACA workshop, and later occupy their home for as long as they have a mortgage through NACA.
NACA was one school in a large statewide study on Indian education in New Mexico.
We were a year behind in payments when we heard about NACA," said Nguyen.
That was when Francis Rogallo, an engineer with the American National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, NACA, first devised an ultra-light wing with the first models cut up from a kitchen curtain.