NACABNational Association of Citizens Advice Bureau
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This augments previous research findings that part-timers tend to be found in low paid, low skilled jobs with lower levels of job security and opportunities for training and development (De Grip et al, 1997; Edwards and Robinson, 2001; Elias and Gregory, 1994; Francesconi and Gosling, 2005; NACAB, 1997; New Earnings Survey, 1998; Olsen and Walby, 2004).
NACAB has called on the government to ease the burden on SMEs by giving parents the choice of being paid directly by the Inland Revenue, rather than by their employers.
NACAB suggest that, "far from promoting a true partnership at work, with shared responsibilities and prospects, the restrictive approach to flexibility adopted by some employers instead produces a highly vulnerable and insecure workforce" (NACAB, 1997, pp.
NACAB has now given a dossier of 1,500 cases of doorstep selling to the Office of Fair Trading, which will investigate.
In a follow-up to its January 2001 report Uniform Failure, NACAB found the average value of the grant was virtually unchanged at pounds 49.
Fran Targett, Director of NACAB Cymru, said: "All too often, Citizens Advice Bureaux in Wales are called on to help people who are experiencing financial difficulties.
NACAB is now calling for more generous and more consistent help with uniform costs in order to prevent social exclusion starting in the playground.
The Welsh Consumer Council, Trading Standards and NACAB Cymru have joined forces and released the figures to coincide with National Consumer Week's Keep Debt Under Control campaign.
Fran Targett, director of NACAB Cymru, said: "CABs in Wales deal with debit inquiries relating to delays and errors in benefit claims, problems meeting rent or mortgage payments and difficulties keeping up with household bills.
Cases highlighted in the NACAB report include a young unemployed man who borrowed pounds 500 to kit himself out with new clothes when he found a job.
The figures are released by the Welsh Consumer Council, the Trading Standards Service in Wales and NACAB Cymru to coincide with National Consumer Week's Keep debt under control' campaign.
David Harker, of NACAB, said: "The current law is failing consumers.