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NACACNational Association for College Admission Counseling
NACACNorth America, Central America and Caribbean Athletic Association (est. 1988)
NACACNational Association of College Admissions Counselors
NACACNational Association for Campus Activities
NACACNorth American Council for Adoptable Children
NACACNational Agricultural Compliance Assistance Center
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According to NACAC, nearly half of colleges said they admitted more students through early decision during the 2013-14 admissions cycle, while the number of early decision applicants also grew.
You can't have the high school reforms without ensuring that the elementary and middle school reforms have adequately prepared students to take these courses," says Hawkins of NACAC.
c) North American Council on Adoptable Children, NACAC (N = 373).
School counselors, counselor educators, organizations such as NACAC, the Education Trust, the College Board, and CACREP have called for the addition of college readiness counseling to graduate programs with limited results.
A study by the NACAC found "significant evidence of a trickle down effect: the most selective colleges had long used early admissions, while many of the less selective colleges ha[ve] implemented them since 1990.
NACAC has adopted as its initial policy goat the recommendations of the National Academy of Medicine's Division of Health Sciences Policy--which in 1997 recommended that for mental health and medical purposes, a ratio of 250 students to one counselor was a minimum standard for meeting the health needs of students.
For more information about any of the Performing and Visual Arts National College Fair programs, including directions, dates and locations, visit the NACAC website at www.
The NACAC also reported that 77 percent of colleges and universities have a formal evaluation policy for homeschoolers.
Write NACAC, 1631 Prince Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2818, for a fair date at a place near you.
The head of NACAC has anecdotal evidence of some private high schools where half of the senior class are seeing independent counselors; some counselors admit that most of their clients are from private schools [19].
I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to NACAC Area President, Victor Lopez and his team for their unflinching and tireless work over the last five months keeping the member federations and me informed of what was happening and conducting a thorough audit of the damage that has occurred across the sport in the region.