NACARANicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (Federal Register Office, NARA)
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GMS) owns the exclusive rights to commercialize worldwide all current and future cosmetic products and their derivatives under the Nacara brand.
According to Caroline Coulombe, Founder of the Nacara Brand and Chairman of GMS, "The Sterling investment will enable GMS to leverage its relationships with leading French, Canadian and African cosmetics retailers into an expanded global reach, to serve an ever greater number of consumers who require skin care products designed and manufactured for their specific needs.
We own all rights to the Nacara Brand, a recognized leader in cosmetic and body care products for women who are inadequately served by the cosmetics industry.
Earnings also increased for men likely to have legalized their status under NACARA (Kaushal 2006).
Employment fell, albeit insignificantly, among men likely to have legalized under NACARA (Kaushal 2006).
Whether it is labor market, fiscal, or other effects, one thing is certain: a new legalization program will have much larger impacts than IRCA and NACARA did.
99% of all shares in circulation of the subsidiary owning all business assets of Nacara.
Coulombe brings to our Company over 19 years of experience in the cosmetic and beauty products industry, including the last 10 years as founder and CEO of Nacara Montreal Inc and, prior with Nacara Cosmetiques Inc.
Within 90 days and subject to shareholders' approval, the Company has committed to proceed with 12 to 1 forward stock split ("Forward Split") and change its corporate name to Nacara Corp.
The rule also offers Nicaraguan and Cuban nationals who have conditional grants an opportunity to first pursue adjustment of status under section 202 of NACARA in order to help preserve as many grants as possible under the cap in fiscal 1998 for aliens who are not eligible for other forms of relief besides suspension/cancellation.
They will be charged no fees for this application process and, if they cannot qualify for NACARA adjustment or if they choose not to pursue it, their conditional grant of suspension/cancellation will be converted automatically to a final grant.
To complete their request for NACARA adjustment, INS instructs Nicaraguan and Cuban conditional grantees to appear before an INS officer on the scheduled date with the following: