NACBNational Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
NACBNigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank
NACBNorth American Crane Bureau (Lake Mary, FL)
NACBNational Association of College Broadcasters (trade association for student radio and TV stations)
NACBNational Association of Commercial Broadcasters (Japan)
NACBNational Accreditation of Certification Bodies
NACBNetwork Access Control Board (US NASA)
NACBNon-Aligned Coordinating Bureau
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Citi's International Consumer Banking segment again had comparatively better results than the NACB segment with net income improved on both a sequential and year-ago basis.
F x N was significant for NACB while other interactions (F x O, N x O, F x N x O) remained non-significant, years showed non-significant effect.
Wu AH, Jaffe AS, Apple FS, et al; NACB Writing Group, NACB Committee.
However, in 1985, interest charged for lending to agricultural production by commercial banks was raised to 9 per cent, while that of the NACB was raised from 6-7 per cent to 8-9 per cent.
Thus development banks like the NACB come in and are able to attract funding from international agencies like the World Bank to needed areas.
Establishment of the Nigeria Agricultural Cooperation and Rural Development Bank Ltd (NACRDB) by the merger of FEAP, NACB and PBN in year 2000 by the Obasanjo Administration; and more recently.
the Central Bank instructed NACB to freeze any assets belonging to the Libyan government, pursuant to United Nations Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973.
Aside from the exhibitor stamp of approval, MEATUP is also supported and sponsored by an impressive range of show partners; 13 leading organisations and associations from all corners of the trade, including NACB, WCB, PTF, IMTA, BMPA, BPEX, NFU, Q Guild and the NFMFT are backing the exhibition-Visitors will also have the opportunity to sit down with these important industry representatives in the Sponsor 'Meet & Greet' area and discuss topical issues that affect the industry today.
Zoning and the use of the branch/desk offices of the NACB as loan application form collection and submission centres allow reasonable access to Scheme's operations by farmers.
The NACB also advocates measuring TPOAb before treatment with amiodarone, lithium, interferon-[alpha], or interleukin-2.
Mr Houston said "there was no evidence at all" to back up his claims about awards and a quick check on the NACB website proved Tudor was not a member in 2005, when the HACCP document was compiled.