NACCRRANational Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies
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We Can Do Better: NACCRRAs Ranking of State Child Care Stands and Oversight.
In addition to the involvement of KinderCare Learning Centers in the NACCRRA program, two other brands in the Knowledge Universe([R]) (KU) family - CCLC([R]) and Champions([R]) - have recently joined the referral program.
We have a contract with NACCRRA to assist us in finding spaces outside the military community for those Guard and Reserve [members] who are deployed and active duty [people] who are not near a military installation," Witte said.
To take part in the program, a family member would apply through NACCRRA via a special Web site or by a toll-free call to (800) 424-2246.
NACCRRA will be just steps to the Clarendon Metro station and a short orange-line ride to Capitol Hill.
We are pleased that NACCRRA has chosen The Hartford and Clarendon.
We are proud to partner with NACCRRA in this effort, and hope we can give our troops a boost in morale and a sense of community support and respect while helping their families meet a critical need," said Bright Horizons President and Chief Operating Officer Mary Ann Tocio.
NACCRRA is the national network of community-based child care resource and referral agencies.