NACEPNational Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (Syracuse, NY)
NACEPNurse Aide Competency Evaluation Program (accreditation)
NACEPNational Association of Campus English Press (South Korea)
NACEPNational Association of Certified Estate Planners
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I am inclined to believe that the future of DE and test-based credit or placement programs will be very short and the hard work just reaching fruition in the NACEP accreditation program for DE will be deemed unnecessary .
NACEP does not take a position favoring a particular form of dual enrollment program oversight, and instead offers this report to help further knowledge and understanding of state-level policies and practices that advance the goal of seamless education through secondary and post-secondary collaborations.
NACEP promotes a more vigorous interaction between its more than 250 member colleges and high schools, with a heavy emphasis on quality control.
Established in 1999 in response to the dramatic increase in concurrent enrollment courses throughout the country, NACEP serves as a national accrediting body and supports all members by providing standards of excellence, research, communication, and advocacy.