NACEWNational Advisory Council on the Employment of Women (New Zealand)
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Both these reports, as well as the NACEW report, raise important issues around the eligibility of men to receive parental leave, but this question is not addressed in this paper.
The NACEW childcare survey will serve as an illustration once again.
NACEW (National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women) (1999) Childcare, Familes and Work: The New Zealand Childcare Survey 1998: A Survey of Early Childhood Education and Care Arrangements for Children, www.
NZNO policy analyst and Council of Trade Unions' representative on NACEW Eileen Brown said the conference was very timely and would give participants the opportunity to consider the taskforce's report and how pay equity might be implemented.
Department of Labour (1999) Childcare, Families and Work: The New Zealand Childcare Survey, Department of Labour and NACEW, Wellington.
Many young women moved instead into female-dominated occupations, particularly clerical work, nursing and teaching (Horsfield 1988, Horsfield and Evans 1988, NACEW 1990, Davies and Jackson 1993).