NACOGNorthern Arizona Council of Governments
NACOGNational Association of the Church of God
NACOGNorth American Church of God ((various locations)
NACOGNorth American Council on Geostatistics
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Ridgetop became involved with the NACOG and Arizona MEP program because the company wanted to diversify and move from primarily working on Department of Defense contracts, into the $200 billion commercial electronic equipment sector.
Without NACOG and the Arizona MEP we would be months or years away from where we are now and wouldn't have tapped into what is a very promising growth opportunity for our company.
During its annual training conference on August 27-30 in Seattle, Washington, NADO will showcase the NACOG training program along with other award winners.
NACOG applied for and received the grant from DOL and has contracted with the Arizona MEP to administer the grant, recruit employers and employees and work with the other partners to ensure the training is carried out successfully.
In addition to NACOG and the MEP, other partners include Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of Arizona.