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NACRENatural Communication in Rough Environments (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics)
NACRENorth American Coalition on Religion and Ecology (International Consortium on Religion and Ecology; Washington, DC)
NACRENational Advisory Council on Radio in Education (American Association for Adult Education)
NACRENouvelle Agence Culturelle Rhône-Alpes (French: New Cultural Agency in Rhone-Alpes; Rhone-Alpes, France)
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This developmental stage may reflect a period of increased energetic allocation toward soft tissue growth or gamete production and may also include increased nacre secretion (Gervis & Sims 1992, Saucedo & Southgate 2008).
Nacre in molluscs from the Ordovician of the midwestern United States.
Nacre: Nacre is the very essence of the pearl itself and nacre thickness does affect the value.
With Nacre, there's a lot of history-as well as learning the piece, you're learning about the choreographer and who she studied with," says Kiddle, a high school sophomore.
Camping la Cote de Nacre provides an ideal base to explore the rich heritage of the area, from the nearby town of Caen to the historic centre of Bayeux before taking in the D-Day beaches.
The source of their strength is nacre, which makes up their inner layer.
Finally, they added a filling between the ceramic sheets to act like the protein mortar that's found in nacre.
Available from March 26, Eau Lgre Nacre costs pounds 34 for 100ml
Scientists have discovered how to recreate the solid yet flexible properties of nacre (mother-of-pearl) in the lab.
Blush Papiere Nacre - blush-impregnated papers to transfer a little shimmering cheek colour whenever you need it - and a Freckles Crayon make messing around with make-up worthwhile again.
The products use state-of-the-art pigment, film and coating technologies to capture the nacre of a South Seas pearl and the bright iridescent effect found on butterfly wings and peacock feathers.
Pearls are lustrous balls of nacre secreted by oysters to cover intruding particles that cannot be expelled.