NACRSNational Ambulatory Care Reporting System
NACRSNegotiations Analysis & Contractual Relations Specialists (Las Vegas, NV)
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The NACRS database is composed of separate SAS data files containing yearly data, the year being considered as the fiscal year.
For example, the number of males incurring hockey puck impact injuries in NACRS totalled 8,377; representing 17.
Daily counts of discharges of persons with respiratory disease based on ICD-10-CA codes were obtained from the NACRS database, and counts of respiratory CCs were likewise collected from EDSS.
During the same period, Telehealth Ontario received 4,247 calls about upper and lower respiratory disease, and NACRS recorded 19,315 cases of respiratory disease from southeastern Ontario.
ED CCs in southeastern Ontario strongly correlated in time with NACRS respiratory discharge diagnoses and calls to Telehealth Ontario about respiratory disease.
Although this large referral area may result in higher counts of visits than reflected in the NACRS database, we believe it does not affect our interpretation of the data.
Second, it was impossible to disaggregate self-harm by suicidal intent; such information is not included in the current NACRS data and ICD does not distinguish suicidal and non-suicidal acts.
Acknowledgements: We thank Marc Smith-Doiron for his help in preparing the NAPS pollution data for analysis, the Canadian Institute for Health Information for providing the data from the NACRS and Drs.
One statistically significant correlation was found between the Telehealth and the NACRS GI data at lag (weekly) 0, indicating increases in both series can occur simultaneously.
NACRS data are based on physicians' discharge diagnostic codes.
38) Utility of the NACRS as a provincial surveillance tool is limited by the timeliness of data submission and analysis which may be delayed by months.
The NACRS has effective filters for this, however Telehealth does not.