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NACoANational Association for Children of Alcoholics
NACoANational Association of Cruise-Oriented Agencies
NACoANational Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere
NACoANational Arts Centre Orchestra Association (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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The advisory committee created in response to the Stratton Commission recommendations, NACOA, lost political support and simply quit meeting in the 1980s.
Furthermore, the chaotic home environment of COAs may make it difficult for these students to complete their homework and receive necessary rest, reducing their ability to concentrate in school (Arman, 2000; Fields, 2004; Hoggard & Christenberry, 1994; Kinney, 2003; NACOA, 1998).
family secrets) and difficulties with trust contribute to COAs having problems in intimate relationships (Bosworth & Burke, 1994; Fields, 2004; Hoggard & Christenberry, 1994; Kinney, 2003; NACOA, 1998).
One reason is that children consistently spend more time in school than anywhere else (Berk, 2002; NACOA, 1995).
NACOA participants displayed normal startle response patterns, initially characterized by increased EMG and SCOR to acoustic probes of increasing intensity.
Compared with session one responses, NACOA participants displayed EMG and skin conductance responses characteristic of habituation to every stimulus presentation during session two.