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NADBNorth American Development Bank
NADBNederlandse Algemene Danssport Bond (Netherlands Sport Dancing Association)
NADBNational Archaeological Database
NADBNATO Ammunition Database
NADBNational Atmospheric Data Bank
NADBNational Association of Domino Bodies
NADBNetwork Accessible Data Base
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Certify, by a decision of its Board of Directors, environmental infrastructure projects in the border region to be submitted for financing to the NADB, or to other sources of financing that request such certification.
This is the first wind energy project in Mexico to be funded by NADB," stated NADB Managing Director Geronimo Gutierrez, referring to the US$51 million loan provided by the bilateral financial institution for the project.
Currently, NADB is involved in the development of several of these types of projects, including wind energy projects, a biomass energy project, and several solar energy projects.
The certification and financing of these two projects represents the most substantial impact that BECC and NADB have made to emissions reductions to date," stated Maria Elena Giner, BECC General Manager, adding that "Ultimately, this translates into improved air quality and improved human health in the border region.
We are very pleased to participate in this project that will provide a cleaner energy alternative to citizens in Southern California," stated NADB Managing Director Geronimo Gutierrez.
This is a reflection of NADB's credit ratings, Aaa and AA+ by Moody's and Standard & Poor's, respectively," stated NADB Managing Director Geronimo Gutierrez, adding, "The terms obtained by NADB will ultimately benefit our project sponsor communities throughout the U.
For the past four years, NADB and ITESM, through the CDA, have been working together to offer training to utility and city personnel along the northern border of Mexico.
NAFTA played a critical role in redefining and strengthening trade relations within North America, and creating what is now the largest free trade area in the world," says Geronimo Gutierrez, Managing Director, NADB.
The Board of Directors of the North American Development Bank (NADB) has announced the support of the governments of the United States and Mexico for a general capital increase of US$3 billion for NADB.
Since June 2011 three solar energy projects have been certified by BECC and received financing approval from NADB for loans totaling US$179.
This project is a success story for the generation of energy through the reuse of waste in landfills in Mexican municipalities" stated GerEnimo Gutierrez, NADB Managing Director, adding that "Lorean has put this plant into operation very efficiently and NADB will monitor the results to promote such projects in other municipalities along the border.
NADB will provide a US$11 million loan to the city, which will cover about 33% of the US$46.