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NADBANKNorth American Development Bank
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NADbank said the funds will be directed to cities that face environmental impacts from lack of street paving and other infrastructure.
During developing and implementation of the PIAPTyR project supported by BECC and NADBank there was an important advance of democratization during decision processes, innovating with this in the Mexican side.
Mexico border--even 20 years ago the world's longest toxic-waste zone--was to be cleaned up with loans from the new North American Development Bank, dubbed NADBank.
These institutions work in tandem: the BECC certifies that proposals submitted by border communities are technically and financially feasible, and NADbank makes the loans that pay for them.
La cantidad de dolares que NADBank ha destinado para proyectos ecologicos a lo largo de la frontera de mas de 3.
NADBank has adopted guidelines that require companies to certify that they have not engaged in bribery of government officials in NADBank-funded projects.
A 1993 agreement between the United States and Mexico established the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), BECC, NADBank, and other NAFTA-related environmental organizations.
The BECC's purpose is to certify environmental infrastructure projects - primarily for drinking water, wastewater treatment, and municipal solid waste - for subsequent financing by the NADBank in the form of loans and loan guarantees at market interest rates with flexible repayment terms.
For more information about CAIP, eligibility requirements and other rules, call the SBA's Los Angeles district office at (818) 552-3230 or the NADBank at (562) 908-2100.
Further, a 1995 NADbank survey reported that 83 per cent of residents of the Kitchener Census Metropolitan Area (which includes K-W) interviewed, shopped at Zehrs at least once in the previous month (Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 11 November 1995, pp.
The NADBANK was established as a by-product of the NAFTA negotiations.