NADLNational Association of Dental Laboratories
NADLNational Animal Disease Laboratory (est. 1961; USDA)
NADLNational Association of Democratic Lawyers (est. 1983; human rights organization; Nigeria)
NADLNorth Australian Diamonds Limited (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
NADLNavy Authorized Data List
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Following the transaction, which is seen as closing in the fourth quarter of this year, Seadrill will hold over 50% of NADL.
Report for American College of Prosthodontists from NADL.
The forward primer and reverse primer of the Real Time PCR were 5'-TGACACCATCACCGACCAC-3' (position 11323-11341 of the NADL sequence) and 5'-CTCCCTCTCTG-CCCATTTCTT-3' (position 11386-11406 of the NADL sequence), respectively.
Ejemplo de este genotipo son los virus NADL, Singer, C24V, entre otros, aislados en EEUU, pero distribuidos globalmente (Fulton et al.
Following finalisation, Seadrill, which currently owns 70% of NADL, will continue to be the biggest shareholder in the business.
Viral strains tested were BVDV-1 strain NADL, BVDV-2 strain atypical, BDV strain Spain 97 (10), BDV strain Moredun, BDV strain 137/4, and BDV strain CADI-6 (chamois).
As per the contract NADL will be receiving a lump sum payment of around US$11 million.
NADL will target a minimum annual dividend yield of 7% for its shareholders.
The plan also involves the listing of NADL in the US immediately after completion of the transactiona[euro](tm)s first stage, which is seen to occur within the third quarter.
During the standstill period until June 2016, NADL will continue to market the Unit for an acceptable drilling contract and the Unit will remain at the Jurong Shipyard in Singapore.