NADMNever A Dull Moment
NADMNorth American Drought Monitor (climate cooperative)
NADMNational Association of Diesel Motorsports
NADMNorth American Geologic Map Data Model
NADMNearly Analytic Discrete Method
NADMNTDS Advanced Data Management
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The ArcGeology Data Model (Grise and Brodaric 2004) forms a simplified version of the NADM and operates with subclasses of concepts and occurrences that are related to stratigraphic ages (minimum and maximum values) via two relationship classes.
The New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resource (NMBGMR) did a parallel branch of model development, mainly because of the complexity and modification requirements for adapting the NADM data model (Read et al.
A high level of detail for the NADM led to the development of additional models that are either based upon NADM or that are completely re-designed.