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NADONational Association of Development Organizations (Washington, DC)
NADONational Association of Disability Officers
NADONational Anti-Doping Organization
NADONational Association of Deacon Organizations
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In short: the Dutch NADO has numerous obligations under the Code, but is not restricted when considering tasks outside the Code.
WADA would have no objection in the event that the NADO resolved not to participate in these proceedings.
Not so much by its formal and legal position, but certainly by its position as an ADO under the Code (which defines the roles and obligations of NADOs and International Federations, as we have demonstrated in paragraph 3).
those entities signing the Code and agreeing to comply with it) include the IOC, NOCs, NADOs, WADA, and others.
8 What is the relationship between the sport federations, the public authorities and the NADO in your country?
9 Does your NADO already apply the WADA's Athlete Biological Passport programme in the fight against doping?
Apart from communicating with other NADOs and WADA, which NADOs are obliged to do in case of a positive finding, all NADOs have their own specific circles in which information is exchanged.
This means that NFs sometimes at the same time have to comply with the rules of both their NADO and their IF.
WADA allows each ADO to establish additional requirements for TUE applications, meaning that even within a sport different rules apply to the same athlete depending on whether he applies to his NADO or his IF for a TUE;
NADOs are independent bodies, responsible in general for anti-doping preventive policies, out of competition controls, and representative functions on international level.
4) Taking part in the Conference were representatives of the IOC and of 80 governments, 60 NOCs, 70 IFs, 30 NADOs and 20 athletes, all in all around 1000 persons.
Testing the activities of the WADA and the NADOs remains indirect within the system of "positive obligations.