NADRNational AIDS Demonstration Research (est. 1987; National Institute on Drug Abuse; US NIH)
NADRNational Association of Disability Representatives
NADRNon-proliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related programs
NADRNationwide Academy for Dispute Resolution UK Ltd.
NADRName and Address File
NADRNorth American Diversified Resources
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accounts, including INCLE, NADR, and PKO, depending on the specific
A FY 2010 supplemental request for NADR has not been announced.
111-32 NADR appropriated funding is retained within the FY 2009 allocations.
FY 2010 NADR funding may be made available to the IAEA unless the Secretary of State determines that Israel is being denied its right to participate in IAEA activities.
Findings from the NADR Program indicate that sex partners of IDUs--a population considered to be "hard to reach"--can be accessed through community-based recuitment strategies that are selectively targeted.
23) Included in Division I for the IO&P account was $348,705,000 and for the NADR account, $590,113,000.
79,500,000 for voluntary contributions to the IAEA, in the NADR account.
740,000,000 for the NADR account, that included voluntary contributions to the IAEA.
NADR funding snapshot (For a complete list of all programs funded under this account, please refer to the tables at the back of this volume.
Overall, the FY 2008 NADR request represents a 14 percent increase from FY 2006 levels.
Iraq--The $7 million request in NADR will continue critical demining activities that protect lives in Iraq.
the ESF and NADR foreign aid accounts, has declined significantly in