NADSPNational Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (University of Minnesota)
NADSPNational Anxiety Disorders Screening Project (psychology)
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I am not all surprised that she's the first to earn the NADSP credential.
The NADSP credentialing program gives DSPs the opportunity to commit to the profession of direct support through a three-tiered credential program.
The time has come when direct support professionals must be seen as the talented, educated, caring individuals they are," said Mark Olson, NADSP president.
Their answers are the "common threads" that NADSP members hear from their peers across the country: recognition in all its forms, having a voice in decisions, having a professional image and the credentials to back it up and earning an income that is sufficient to maintain a family.
Marianne Taylor is the Senior Project Director at the Human Services Institute, an NADSP (National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals) co-chair and mother of a son with special needs.
by Marianne Taylor, NADSP Co-Chair, Mark Olson, National Co-Chair, and Clifford Poetz, National Co-Chair
With this in mind the NADSP Steering Committee sees the formation of high quality, voluntary, national and state apprenticeship programs for DSPs as an important vehicle for developing awareness of the direct support occupation thus improving recruitment potential, and also as a critical tool in the effort to develop career paths for direct support professionals.
In collaboration with its member organizations, the NADSP has proposed to DOL a "model" framework outlining the patterns of work-based learning and classroom instruction that comprise key knowledge, skill, and ethical sets for DSPs.
The NADSP is working to address the following challenges affecting direct support professionals:
The NADSP believes that direct support professionals and their clients are partners in the journey toward a self-determined life.
The NADSP's draft of the Code of Ethics was presented to the credentialing graduates by Rick Rader, MD, who is a member of the NADSP Steering Committee that drafted the Code, and is editor-in-chief of EXCEPTIONAL PARENT Magazine.
From the first outing in Tennessee, it was evident that the NADSP had done its homework by producing a first-rate draft of a Code that has been enthusiastically received and embraced not just in Tennessee but across the nation.