NADWNorth Atlantic Deep Water
NADWNational Arthritis Data Workgroup (expert consortium)
NADWNational Association of Deans of Women
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Such changes in the NADW could have important climatic implications.
At the location of box core 4, it is the western boundary undercurrent moving NADW in a counterclockwise direction south of Davis Strait (Fig.
With the increasingly busy lives of dog owners, the pet services industry has grown by leaps and bounds," according to NADW founder Tamara Miranda, a former successful dog walking business owner and business coach with years of experience in the dog walking service industry.
Other groups, including NADW leaders, were hesitant to join any kind of centralized coordinating body.
Members of ACPA, ECPO, NADW, and NVGA cooperated with the meetings of college and school workers and other groups representing organizations with smaller membership or that had less interest in personnel and guidance services.
She had served as an executive committee member of the Council representing NADW from 1934 to 1935.
Voigt was elected president of NADW in 1935 and held that office for 2 years.
Allyn was vice president of NADW during 1933-1935; then during 1937-1939, she was president.
Smithies was NADW president during 1943-1945 while she was serving on the Council's board of representatives.
McClelland continues: "Increasing river inputs work against NADW formation [because] flesh water is much less dense than saltwater.
The remainder is exported with NADW into the CPDW for eventual deposit in the sediments of the Antarctic Ocean.
In addition, the NADW website will include a national database of member dog walking businesses to help in the promotion of their business, as well as assist dog loving families nationwide in finding a local respected and trusted dog walking business through the NADW's website.