NAEENational Association for Environmental Education (UK)
NAEENational Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (Hungary)
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Saving for College, Tools for Enhancing the Stock Market Game, In addition, the Econ Lowdown lesson 10 FRED Activities in 10 Minutes received a NAEE Bronze Curriculum Award.
NAEE 2015 will also host Nigeria Energy Awards to celebrate the best of Nigeria's renewable energy market and recognize excellence amongst the most innovative products, services, solutions and applications driving the market forward.
And the NAEE offers burseries of PS400 to school groups to cover costs under its Kenrick Project.
And the NAEE offers bursaries of PS400 to school groups to cover costs under its Kenrick Project.
At this meeting, I met NAEE Coordinator Heatha Gregory, whose description of her ideas and work captured my attention
I applied to the NAEE for a grant to take the top Year 7 scientists to Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park in order to undertake some biology field work.
We welcome any collaboration from NAEE members, and are always happy to share what we've learned in these endeavours so far.
Write for Environmental Education: We welcome articles, book reviews and website suggestions from NAEE members, supporters and readers.
I have been a member of NAEE for over 30 years and worked in the education profession for even longer.
The Executive Committee is implementing a new set of actions, to ensure NAEE is 'fit for the future'.
NAEE provides support and advice from experienced educators--people who have 'been there and done it', with successes or failure but lessons learned
uk Our NAEE website is growing and expanding--check out the 'Resources' with downloads; 'Organisations' for groups we are connecting with; also look out for the new Member Update section.