NAESPNational Association of Elementary School Principals
NAESPNebraska Association of Elementary School Principals (Nebraska)
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School leaders want what's best for the school communities they serve," said NAESP Executive Director Gail Connelly.
A random sample of 500 NASSP members and 500 NAESP members was generated and purchased from MGI Lists, the official mailing list managers for NASSP and NAESP.
NAESP recruits members well in advance with a definite time slot and reminds them at least twice of their commitment.
NAESP scheduled its 2013 annual convention for July instead of its traditional spring date because principals said attending a conference while school isn't in session would be easier.
The six standards NAESP has identified and advocate communicating to all early childhood educators in communities include: adopting quality programs based on principles that result in good practices, involving all families and organizations in the support of quality programs, providing developmentally relevant learning settings, making certain that the curriculum and learning strategies are appropriate in all areas of the curriculum, employing assessments that improve learning, and increasing opportunities for all children to have quality learning experiences.
The distinguished principals are annually selected by NAESP state affiliates, including an affiliate in Washington, DC, and by committees representing private and overseas schools.
The principals are selected by NAESP state affiliates and by committees representing private and overseas schools.
The second edition features new activities covering NCLB, IDEIA, NASSP and NAESP standards.
According to Edward Keller, CAE, deputy executive director, NAESP has a staff of 26 and a budget of $3 million and was looking for space that would accommodate growth.
An in-depth online program created by ITN Productions in partnership with NAESP, "Principals' Perspective" is designed to promote the actions of NAESP in seeking to keep teachers and students engaged in educational activity using a range of innovative techniques.
NAESP, National Association of Elementary School Principals
Vincent Ferrandino, executive director of NAESP, commended the 65 principals for being role models for school leadership throughout the nation and the world.