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NAFSNorth American Fenestration Standard
NAFSNational Action Financial Services
NAFSNational Alliance for Food Safety
NAFSNiños Activos. Familias Sanas (US Centers for Disease Control)
NAFSNorth American Fichte Society
NAFSNorth Anatolian Fault System
NAFSNATO Automated Financial System
NAFSNational Association of Finns in Sweden
NAFSNorth Alabama Friends School
NAFSNetWare Advanced File Services (Novell)
NAFSNorth America Fleet Services
NAFSNetApp Financial Solutions
NAFSNutrition and Function Study
NAFSNonassistance Food Stamps
NAFSNordic Association for Free Software
NAFSNorth American Flight Services
NAFSnaval asbestos facility score
NAFSNon-Appropriated Funds System (US DoD)
NAFSnodes above first square
NAFSnozzle aspirated foam system (firefighting)
NAFSNational Aerial Fire Fighting Strategy (Australia)
NAFSNon-profit/Academic Field Station
NAFSNeiman & Associates Financial Services, LLC
NAFSNorthern Arizona Film Society
NAFSNorth American Freight System
NAFSNorth American Food Safety
NAFSNorth American Financial Services (various locations)
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The sufi elders have said, "When Allah created the nafs [soul] He held it in a place of questioning and addressed it, saying, 'Whom am I?
We start by explaining the classical non-adjacent form of an integer, abbreviated as NAF.
Because it carries the qualities of the material and the dark, the nafs keeps commanding evil, except for those people protected by Allah.
Through re-centering Tasawwuf Muslims will be better equipped to respond and create alternatives to modernity, as this heart centered existence will facilitate the possibility of developing the Nafs mutma 'inna or the soul at peace.
Since the word used in the Qur'an is nafs which means, self, soul, individual human being, it is not particular to the Muslims or people of a particular faith, creed or ethnicity.
6] This model is based on the interrelation between the ruh (soul), the qalb (connection between the soul and the body), the aql (intellect) and the nafs (drives or desires) merging through the dahmeer (consciousness).
By law, NAFs are used for the collective benefit of those who generate them.
Al-Tustari explains it as knowledge of the Lawful and Unlawful (halal and haram), as well as "speech" (kalam), which "pertains to the spiritual self (nafs al-ruh), the understanding by the intellect (fahm al'aql), the discernment of the heart (fain al-qalam), the natural institution (dhihn al-khulq), and the knowledge of the natural self (iilm nafs al-tab'), which God taught to Adam, upon him peace, and made clear to him (bayyana) to him" (Tafsir).
In Arabic the word for breath is nafas , self is nafs , myself is nafsi and the soul is al- nafs .
The NAFs are 4th Air Force, March Air Reserve Base, Calif.
And you go, 'Jihad is the jihad of nafs [fighting temptation].
I said to him one day, "I think my nafs is large, like a truck.