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NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Area
NAFTANew Zealand-Australia Free Trade Agreement
NAFTANorth Atlantic Free Trade Area
NAFTANorth American Fareston versus Tamoxifen Adjuvant (breast cancer trial)
NAFTANorth American Festival of Traditional Arts
NAFTANorth American Foreign Trade Association
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But NAFTA is not a trade agreement in any sense that the Founding Fathers would have recognized because it not only spells out terms for trade among its three signatories (the United States, Canada, and Mexico), it also creates supranational governing authorities with the power to adjudicate trade disputes and modify national laws, not only on trade per se, but also on environmental laws, tariffs, and other matters that have traditionally been reserved to sovereign states.
Trump had earlier threatened to terminate North American Free Trade Agreement talks with Canada and Mexico, saying that both are "being very difficult" in renegotiations of NAFTA.
would urge the NAFTA countries to adopt internationally accepted standards which includes the right to organize and abolish compulsory labor, as well as setting "acceptable" pay and work conditions.
During his campaign, President Donald Trump called NAFTA one of the worst deals in U.
In his address, Ottensmeyer made it clear that opposition to NAFTA is not new terrain, highlighting how in 2008 both President Obama and Republican candidate John McCain each made strong statements about the United States opting out of NAFTA.
Leading company profiles reveal details of key steel market players' NAFTA operations and financial performance
The paper & paperboard industry within the NAFTA countries had a total market value of $86.
From a legal perspective, NAFTA offers three different recourse avenues for NAFTA violations: First, Chapter Eleven enables investors to file arbitration claims against parties for alleged Chapter Eleven violations.
Common external tariffs would enable the NAFTA countries to eliminate the agreement's rules of origin.
Canadian Views on NAFTA: Canada's Harper said it would be a mistake to renegotiate NAFTA, but said he will come to the table if the United States and Mexico insisted.
Hufbauer and Schott believe that NAFTA has increased trade, not just diverted trade through one of the NAFTA states to gain access to the larger North American market.
Several NAFTA panel decisions have unanimously determined that the Commerce Department was using flawed calculations to reach the conclusion that Canadian lumber is subsidized.