NAFUNational African Farmers Union (South Africa)
NAFUNaturwissenschaftliches Forschungs- und Untersuchungslaboratorium (Germany)
NAFUNative File Access for UNIX
NAFUNorth American Football Union
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Mohamed Raouraoua voiced high consideration to President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali for the particular interest he grants to the youth and sports sectors, as well as for his support to the North African Football Union, hailing the fact that NAFU is based in Tunis and that these headquarters offer the best working conditions.
Tunisia's support to NAFU, he said, contributes efficiently to improve the level of national contests and prepares clubs of the region for continental and international events, in addition to the interest taken in youth categories.
Libya will in turn host The NAFU under 19 Tournament next December 20-30 with attendance of the teams of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and host country Libya.
Prior to Kenshoo, Nafus was Vice President Sales at Oracle Corporation in North America.
On April 1, Ed Nafus replaced Neal Hansen as chief executive officer and president of the company.
Schreiner & Nafus (1992) reported changes in populations of 4 species of Lepidoptera including widespread occurrence of P.
400 of whom are based right here in Colorado," Nafus said.
160) The muhtar's records supplement the records maintained in the Nafus Office, or central registry, which is located in the hometown of every Turkish national father.
On December 29, 2007, Peter Kalan, CSG's executive vice president of business and corporate development, replaced Ed Nafus as chief executive officer and president of the company, due to Mr.
polytes is an abundant butterfly on Guam and the caterpillars are quite harmless (Schreiner & Nafus 1997).
PeaceHealth Grants Manager Virginia Nafus of Emerald Valley Development Professionals will lead the workshop.
CSG veteran Peter Kalan, executive vice president, corporate & business development, has been named to succeed Nafus as president and chief executive officer.