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NAFWNational Assembly for Wales
NAFWNot Appropriate for Work
NAFWNorth American Foundation of Wrestling (e-federation)
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Tax varying powers for the NAFW is a serious matter which needs to be debated during the campaign for the referendum next year on greater powers generally for the NAFW: because a YES vote next May/June would inevitably lead to another referendum on tax varying powers.
In the recent NAFW consultation document on renewable energy (mostly wind for the next 10 years), the word tourism is mentioned just once, in a recommendation which says production of renewable energy should be promoted ``without prejudicing tourism or areas of environmental significance''.
Aligned to the NAfWs Communities First and Better Wales documents, BITC aims to engage member companies in tackling key social issues and to support them in developing their business practice to improve their positive impact in the workplace, marketplace, environment and community.