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NAGLinux Network Administrators Guide (Hackish)
NAGN-Acetylglucosamine (glucose derivative)
NAGNational Art Gallery
NAGNational Australia Group (financial services)
NAGNumerical Algorithms Group
NAGNetwork Administrator Guide
NAGNovell Access Gateway
NAGNational Association of Goldsmiths (est. 1894; UK and Ireland)
NAGNorthfield Arts Guild (Minnesota)
NAGNumerical Algorithms Group Ltd.
NAGNarrow Angle Glaucoma
NAGNeighbors Allied for Good Growth (formerly Neighbors Against Garbage)
NAGNetwork Auralization for Gnutella (open software)
NAGNational Administration Guidelines
NAGNational Accountability Group (Sierra Leone)
NAGNorthern Arabian Gulf
NAGN-Acetyl Beta-Glucosaminidase (also seen as NABG)
NAGNeighbors Against Garbage (Brooklyn, New York)
NAGNon-Acid Generating (mineralogy)
NAGNetwork Architecture Group
NAGNational Association of Gals (Rush Limbaugh name for NOW)
NAGNational Algorithms Group
NAGNew Age Gaming (gaming magazine in South Africa)
NAGNeighborhood Action Group
NAGNaval Automation Group (est. 1999)
NAGNaval Air Group
NAGNagpur, India - Sonegaon (Airport Code)
NAGNagoya Adachi Gakuen (Nagoya, Japan)
NAGNeeded Acoustic Gain (sound-reinforcement systems)
NAGNihilist Assault Group (Norway)
NAGNational Air-Racing Group
NAGNaval Astronautics Group
NAGNetherlands Antilles Guilder (national currency)
NAGNavy Advisory Group
NAGNitric Acid Grade
NAGNetwork Access Gateway
NAGNumbering Advisory Group
NAGNon-Anion Gap
NAGNational Auction Group, Inc
NAGNational Armament Goals
NAGNaval Air Gunner
NAGNational Activists Group (UK)
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The boy is safe, and it was I--I--I that caught Nag by the hood last night in the bathroom.
Still, the instant's delay brought Rikki-tikki up to her, and as she plunged into the rat-hole where she and Nag used to live, his little white teeth were clenched on her tail, and he went down with her--and very few mongooses, however wise and old they may be, care to follow a cobra into its hole.
Now I have Nagaina to settle with, and she will be worse than five Nags, and there's no knowing when the eggs she spoke of will hatch.
S Christopher, congratulated the NAG team for the achievement.
Results: The urinary mAlb, [alpha]1-MG and NAG levels of the DN group were significantly higher than those of the diabetes group and control group, and the differences had statistical significance (P<0.
NAG Marine will provide radar tank level indicators and time domain reflectometry tank level indicators (TLIs) which will be used on board ships of the US Navy, Military Sealift Command, US Army.
Over a multitude of roles, Nag has established himself as a versatile and natural actor.
Syed Jamal Shah, the PNCA Director General, while speaking on the occasion said that PNCA is planning some corporate dinners where the large companies would be invited to buy the artists' work and donate it to the NAG.
9 ( ANI ): India's indigenously developed 3rd generation Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), Nag has been successfully flight tested by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
The database contained zero complications for the aTSA patients with a PAG and zero complications for the NAG cohort.
Nag was killed in a ' people's court' called Jan Adalat by Maoists for supporting development works.
The urinary NAG values were expressed as the urinary NAG/creatinine ratio.