NAISANew Adventures in Sound Art (Toronto, Canada)
NAISANational Aquatic Invasive Species Act
NAISANorth American Institute for Study Abroad (Danville, PA)
NAISANacional Agro Industrial Sociedad Anónima (Spanish: National Agro Industrial Limited Company; Guatemala)
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61) The full statement is available on the NAISA website: http://www.
As Cangelosi points out, there is still a chance that NAISA could be stalled, limiting our ability to do what needs to be done.
The NISA left the structure building entirely up to the implementing agency; fortunately, the NAISA reauthorization bill does not.
The NAISA would require all ships to report ballast operations; to conduct best management practices; to have an invasive species management plan on board; to cooperate with approved local rapid-response efforts; and if the ships entered service after 2002, to be fully equipped with an approved ballast treatment system.
The NAISA would require coastal ships to keep records of their ballast operations and to adhere to the same rapid- response contingency strategies that apply to transoceanic ships.
The NAISA would establish a common screening process for all imported species, regardless of planned use.
The NAISA would fund research to evaluate the effectiveness of such barriers and would expand the dispersal barrier program to address other waterways.