NAJCANational Association of Juvenile Correctional Agencies
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1992 The International Conference of Administrators of Residential Centers for Youth dissolves and transfers its remaining treasury of $8,030 to NAJCA for use in scholarships and training.
1994 NAJCA enters an agreement with the National Juvenile Detention Association and the Juvenile Justice Trainers Association to form an alliance to further the goals and agendas of the three organizations.
1999 Serious discussions begin to organize a formal constituted alliance between NAJCA, the National Juvenile Detention Association, Juvenile Justice Trainers Association and Council for the Education of At-Risk and Delinquent Youth.
Throughout the history of NAJCA, the association has witnessed many changes in programs, policies, laws, philosophy, society and politics.
In addition, they have provided leadership to other professional organizations and left their mark on NAJCA, juvenile corrections and corrections, in general.
NAJCA will host a centennial celebration and reception at ACA's 133rd Congress of Correction in Nashville, Tenn.
Objectives: NAJCA pledges to implement and disseminate ideas, experiences and techniques pertaining to the function, philosophy and goals of the corrections field as it affects juveniles, placing particular emphasis on rehabilitative programs.
Publications: NAJCA publishes its Annual Proceedings and a quarterly cooperative newsletter with the National Juvenile Detention Association called Inside Justice.
Conferences: NAJCA co-hosts the Joint Conference on Juvenile Services annually in the fall.