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NAKNursing (breastfeeding) At the Keyboard
NAKNeuer Aachener Kunstverein (German art association)
NAKNegative Acknowledgement
NAKNegative Acknowledgment
NAKNot Acknowledged
NAKNampula, Mozambique (Airport Code)
NAKNu Alpha Kappa (Latino fraternity)
NAKNo Acknowledgment
NAKNakhon Ratchasima, Thailand - Nakhon Ratchasima (Airport Code)
NAKNorth American Kajukenbo (martial arts)
NAKNot Acknowledged Signal (mobile radio communication system)
NAKNaked At the Keyboard
NAKNeuapostoliche Kirche (New Apostolic Church in Germany)
NAKNew Account Kit (retail banking)
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During questioning, the suspect confessed that he illegally transported rosewood several times to sell in Vietnam through the illegal border checkpoints of Takeo and Kampot provinces, and this the first time that he was arrested for this crime,' Nak said, adding that police would send him to court Tuesday morning.
Onemli kanser merkezlerinden birisi olan ABD'deki MD Anderson Kanser Merkezi'nde (MDACC) de NAK kullanim oranlarinin son yillarda 2 kat arttigi gozlenmektedir.
Picardal said NAK hoped to see the families and relatives of EJK victims joining the group, and involve more parishes and grassroots organizations in the campaign.
The third theme, closely related to the second and implicit in the observations that social scientists have made about the nak leng social type, is masculinity or manliness in Thai culture as it is expressed in leaders, both elected and appointed, who hold authority at all levels, in the provinces as well as on the national stage.
24] Before making the film he wondered to himself why these two characters, Nak and Mak, would capture the imagination of the Thai people.
The remaining stockpile of 57 tonnes of NaK coolant comprises a volatile alloy of two alkali metals which would burst into flames upon exposure to the atmosphere.
The plan also entails the operation of a new DFR NaK Disposal and Ion Exchange Plant (DFR-NDP/IXP).
For six years, the Woung Nak Presbyterian Church on Lassen Street in Northridge has become a beacon for local Korean and Asian-Americans, its congregation growing from 100 to 400 people.
The hope is that Suriyothai and a recently released, stylish ghost story, Nang Nak, will break the quality barriers that have prevented many Thai films from being screened outside the country.
South Korea plans to complete the construction of stadiums for the 2002 World Cup soccer finals to be co-hosted with Japan by late 2001, Culture and Tourism Minister Shin Nak Kyun said Friday.
The software only re-sends lost or bad frames, and re-transmission requests are batched into smaller NAK packets, further reducing the number of re-transmissions complete a transfer.