NAMBINational Association of Music Merchants-Affiliated Music Business Institutions
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During the study, 31 music business programs were reviewed from the institutional lists of NAMBI (NAMM [National Association of Music Merchants] Affiliated Music Business Institutions) and MEIEA.
After reviewing the curricula as outlined in the undergraduate catalogues of NAMBI and MEIEA institutional members, the programs and curricula of the six institutions visited, and the results of the survey completed by the Western Illinois University music business graduates, the following model music business curriculum was designed.
Naganathan's writings) and Nambis (of my wife's paternal side who became Rajapakses but still continue to use the name 'Nambi'), Agampodis, (Arasa) Marakkalas, -Kuttis like Sembakutti (Gupta or Tamil Kutti) and Weerakkod[y]I (Weerakuttis) whom one meets down south in numbers, have not been loath (some are even proud) to retaining the pure original form.