NAMCPNational Association of Managed Care Physicians
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While the NAMCP recognizes the problem, it does not propose a method of addressing it.
Environmentally friendly fair trade programs were recommended by the NAMCP.
See NAMCP, supra note 27, at 23, 27; Oberhauser, supra note 19, at 4 ("Monarch eggs and larvae have a slim chance of reaching adulthood.
NAMCP, supra note 27, at 32 ("The first (1980 decree) protected the monarch overwintering areas without specifying the locations to be conserved and restricted extractive activities in the forests only during the overwintering season (November to March).
NAMCP, supra note 27, at 32; see also Missrie, supra note 28, at 147 (stating that the negotiation process ended with a "new decree by President Ernesto Zedillo on 10 November 2000, expanding the reserve from 16,100 to 56,259 ha, and changing its official designation from the Monarch Butterfly Special Biosphere Reserve to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.
01/07/RES/09/ (June 27, 2007); NAMCP, supra note 27, at 6.
By soft law, the NAMCP does not have legally binding force like a treaty, but is a recommendation for actions of countries.