NAMCYANational Music Competition for Young Artists (Philippines)
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The NAMCYA competitions and festivals involve some one million young musicians and their trainors and administrators in a long and tedious process that selects the best from all 16 regions of the country," she said.
The NAMCYA is a concrete example of an NGO that has proven to be effective in carrying out multi-sectoral collaborative activities, thereby assisting the government in carrying out state policies on culture and the arts," Cojuangco said.
Cojuangco said NAMCYA has also rigorously pursued the promotion and dissemination of Philippine music, including Philippine traditional/folk music, through the commissioning of works, as well as the documentation, publication and production of Philippine musical works.
She sought government support for NAMCYA saying "the vicissitudes of the country's socio-political as well as economic conditions has threatened NAMCYA's continued viability and prevented it from fully realizing its potential and achieving its avowed goals and objectives.