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NAMDNaval Ammunition Depot (US Navy)
NAMDNational Alliance of Market Developers
NAMDNational Association of Market Developers (Plainfield, NJ)
NAMDNational Association of Membership Development
NAMDNot at My Desk (Internet slang)
NAMDNeutral/Alkaline Mine Drainage
NAMDNational Association of Marble Dealers
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Abbreviations ATP --adenosine triphosphate NAMD --N-acetyl-O-methyldopamine R --groups of rats total ischemia T --a group of rats with transient attacks CA --Cornu Ammonis
org * NAMD is a big-molecular dynamical simulation package: www.
For the GROMACS application example, a 64-node InfiniBand cluster delivers 33 percent higher performance in comparison to a 128-node Omni-Path cluster; for the NAMD application, a 32-node InfiniBand cluster delivers 55 percent higher performance in comparison to a 64-node Omni-Path cluster; and for the LS-DYNA application, a 16-node InfiniBand cluster delivers 75 percent higher performance than a 32 node Omni-Path cluster.
The method will be able to access length and time scales that are presently unreachable with existing NAMD methods through an ultrafast yet error-controlled estimation of Hamiltonian matrix elements and derivatives.
Additionally, IBM is working to optimize Power versions of widely used GPU-accelerated applications for bioinformatics, defense, finance, molecular dynamics, weather modeling including SOAP3, NAMD, GROMACS, FFTW library, and Quantum Espresso.
NAMD engages in marketing, sales, promotion, advertising and public relations focused on the delivery of goods and services to the African American and urban consumer markets.
Benchmarks performed on multiple applications, such as OpenFOAM (Computational Fluid Dynamic), NAMD (Molecular Dynamics), RADIOSS (Structural Analysis), LAMMPS (Molecular Dynamics), WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) and CP2K (Molecular Simulations) demonstrate higher performance 20 to 30 percent higher performance with sixteen compute nodes compared to QDR 40Gb/s InfiniBand, and 100 to 200 percent higher performance compared to 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet.
Navion (TM) Personal Linux-based research cluster integrated with NAMD software and high speed PathScale InfiniPath HTX connectivity.
The shareholders' stated strategic intent was to create value through the combination of RASCO and NAMD and then exit the business, when appropriate, as the metals distribution business was not core to either shareholder.
Integris Metals, a metals service center company engaged in the processing and distribution of metals, predominantly aluminum and stainless steel, was formed in November 2001 through the combination of Reynolds Aluminum Supply Company (RASCO) and NAMD, Inc.