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NANCNational Association of Nouthetic Counselors (Indianapolis, IN)
NANCNorth American Numbering Council
NANCNetherlands Alumni Network in China
NANCNorth American Nitrogen Center (est. 2004)
NANCNon-Noradrenergic Non-Cholinergic
NANCNorth Atlantic Nickel Corp. (stock symbol; Canada)
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The NANC recommendation is by no means the end of the process.
Neustar understands the FCC intends to issue a Public Notice today, June 9, 2014, seeking public comment on the NANC s recommendation.
22) The NO-cGMP pathway relaxes the gallbladder smooth muscle in the refilling phase by means of NANC nerves in normal conditions.
Since ultimate authority over Nyasaland was still vested in the Crown, and Britain still supplied colonial service officers for the Nyasaland administration, the NANC continued to believe that the way ahead was to pressure the British government into withdrawing Malawi from the federation and restoring it to the path of eventual self-government.
They managed to get the Church of Scotland and some pressure groups in Britain to support this policy, which was also that of the NANC.
The federal pamphlet was published within a couple of weeks of the declaration on March 3,1959, of a state of emergency in Malawi, when the whole leadership of the NANC was put into detention without trial.
They scorned the assertion of the federal authorities that the NANC had been planning a massacre of whites and insisted on the justice of the NANC case, the essential nonviolent nature of their approach, and the support of their aims by the majority of CCAP Christians.
In spite of the regional difference along intestine and the variance between species, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP), nitric oxide and ATP have been recognized as the main NANC inhibitory neurotransmitters.
Nitric oxide is an important NANC inhibitory transmitter in gastrointestinal tract.
It has been recognized that more than one transmitter can be involved in NANC relaxation in response to stimulation in most regions of gastrointestinal tract (Belai and Burnstock 1994, Mule and Serio 2003).
Moreover, our performance was also impacted by a tough comp in Brazil CSD & NANC, increased industrial depreciation tied to Brazil capital expenditures, as well as packaging mix in Brazil Beer.