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NAP1Nucleosome Assembly Protein-1
NAP1Nucleosome-Associated Protein 1
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2007) --Role of NAP1 in some responsive genes expression in Arabidopsis (Liu et al.
Demonstration of an 18-base pair deletion of the tcd C gene, after amplification, indicated the presence of NAP1 strain.
Table 1--oil properties ASTM DAE NAP1 N 8450 N 5450 N 51150 Kinematic viscosity at D445 840 450 40[degrees]C, cSt Kinematic viscosity at D445 21 16.
Three isolates identified as NAP1 by PFGE differed from the epidemic strain by having toxinotype IX/XIII and lacking the 18-bp deletion.
An excess proportion of deaths caused by CD027 and other strains with binary toxin corroborates recent evidence from Canada, which showed an increased risk for death in patients infected with the NAP1 strain (24)
The rising prevalence of CDI may be attributable to the emergence of the hypervirulent NAP1 strain, which could potentially cause a higher clinical failure rate," said Youe-Kong Shue, Ph.
This increase is assumed to be associated with higher toxin production by a fluoroquinolone-resistant strain belonging to pulsed-field gel electrophoresis type NAP1, PCR ribotype 027, and toxinotype III (2,3).
Genotypes resembling human PCR ribotype 027/ NAP1 were found in 30.
PFGE divided 027/ TT III isolates into NAP1 (>80% related to human NAP1) and NAP1-related (78% related to human NAP1) groups and 078/TT V isolates into NAP7 and NAP8 groups (Figure).
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported outbreaks of CDAD associated with the new BI/ NAP1 strain in 40 of 50 US states, although the association between BI/NAP1 and severe disease was not consistent among all facilities (11).
Historically, endemic CDAD has been reported to be associated with minimal increased risk in mortality although NAP1 strain CDAD outbreaks have been associated with much higher attributable mortality (10,11,13).