NAPLNon-Aqueous Phase Liquid
NAPLNational Association for Printing Leadership
NAPLNational Association of Printers and Lithographers
NAPLNational Air Photo Library (Canada)
NAPLNorth American Palladium Ltd. (Canada)
NAPLNorth American Polo League
NAPLNot Another Programming Language (computer programming)
NAPLNorth American Paintball League
NAPLNorthampton Area Public Library (Northampton, Pennsylvania)
NAPLNational Amateur Pool League (New York, NY)
NAPLNorth American Poker League (PokerStars)
NAPLNetwork Amateur Poker League (Indianapolis, IN)
NAPLNetwork Architecture and Performance Lab
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Surfactant-enhanced remediation utilizes surfactant's hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties to create an emulsion, which captures the NAPL so it can be pumped out of the ground.
A constitutive model for air-NAPL-water flow in the vadose zone accounting for immobile, non-occluded (residual) NAPL in strongly water-wet porous media", Journal of contaminant hydrology, 73: 283-304.
A comparison of models describing residual NAPL formation in the Vadose zone.
8220;We are honored to receive this recognition from NAPL, and know that clients rate our service so highly.
One drawback of PRBs is that they can only remediate contaminant plumes that pass through them; they do not address dense NAPLs (DNAPLs) or contaminated ground-water that is beyond the barrier.
One method commonly used to help identify NAPL source zones, and source history is to analyze periodically, dissolved component concentrations in monitoring wells.
When applied through the aqueous phase, the HA quickly mobilizes the NAPL by reducing the interfacial tension in the LNAPL-water system.
the NAPL to send for laboratory analysis, but there was not a sufficient
Remediation technologies based on the use of surfactants by reducing the capillary forces between the organic and aqueous phases are the most promising technique for removal of NAPL from the subsurface.
Cupe N, Hughes J (2001) Biologically-enhanced removal of PCE from NAPL sources zones.
The National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), Paramus, New Jersey, USA, a commercial printing industry trade association, has issued its June "Printing Business Conditions Special Update" with indicators showing that business continued to weaken in June for commercial printers, reducing both confidence and the NAPL Printing Business Index[c] to five-month lows.
The Archives acquired this collection from the NAPL in 1968 and 1969.