NAPLSNorth American Prodromal Longitudinal Study
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In addition to the NAPLS grant, the Staglins announced that even more grant money has been awarded in 2008, to fund research based on studies initially supported by direct seed money that the Music Festival awarded in the past.
Ty's announcement about the NAPLS grant and these additional leveraged grants are another example of the importance of 'venture philanthropy', our term for this vital private funding in an era of decreasing public research funding," said Garen Staglin.
The NAPLS investigators also are investigating whether specific biomarkers such as cortisol levels and change in prefrontal gray matter volume can identify patients who will convert to schizophrenia or other psychotic states.
Among 169 patients in the NAPLS 2 cohort who have completed 2 years of follow-up, those who had a social decline of 2 or more points on the GAF scale were significantly more likely to convert to psychosis than were patients with a decline of less than 2 (P = .
They also cited the limitations inherent in the study's naturalistic design and called for a "large international multicenter clinical trial" to build on the NAPLS findings.