NAPSINail Psoriasis Severity Index
NAPSINational Association of Professional Standards in Industry
NAPSINational Action Party of Solomon Islands (political party)
NAPSINorth American Paranormal Studies and Investigations
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the rate of patients with an improvement of [greater than or equal to] 50% in the NAPSI score compared with V0 values) increased during the course of the study: at V4, 90.
In the BELIEVE study, the mean NAPSI score at baseline was 25.
The NAPSI is a reproducible, objective, and simple tool for clinical assessment of nail psoriasis and is the only clinical scale that has been validated.
Although NAPSI reflects the overall severity of nail psoriasis, it cannot reflect the severity of each nail (Augustin and Ogilvie 2010).
reported that a two-compound ointment comprising of calcipotriol and betamethasone dipropionate applied once daily for 12 weeks resulted in a 72% improvement in NAPSI scores (Rigopoulos et al.
Abbreviations: AE, adverse event; Cl, confidence interval; NAPSI, Nail Psoriasis Severity Index; mtNAPSl, modified target Nail Psoriasis Severity Index; PASI, psoriasis area and severity index; PGA, physician global assessment; SD, standard deviation; SGA, subject global assessment; shNAPSI, single hand Nail Psoriasis Severity Index.
NAPSI states: "Certain groups of persons, such as Persons with Disabilities, economic immigrants, repatriates and refugees, are in need of special treatment because of their special characteristics" (NAPSI 2005, p.
Given the fact that NAPSI was launched before the other two National Plans and the Programme of study this may be indicative of a shift in the approach to diversity by the Greek State.
7) For instance the use of the term inclusion as equivalent to the term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in the title of NAPSI and NSPSI, instead of integration which is more accurate and used elsewhere in the same documents.