NAPSLONational Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices, Ltd.
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They had never regarded the union of NAPSLO and AAMGA as a given, a done deal or a "no-brainer" of any sort.
It also didn't hurt that 76% of AAMGA's 437 members were also NAPSLO members, and of NAPSLO's 701 members, 48% were also members of AAMGA.
NAPSLO (National Association of Surplus Lines Offices)
What kind of enabling laws states are passing and the nuances between laws passed in one state and another figure to be a big part of the discussion, which is expected to dominate the NAPSLO meeting in San Diego.
WSIA will increase the strength of our organization by combining the legacy of AAMGA and NAPSLO and the best of what each had to offer: networking, education, talent development, legislative and regulatory advocacy and of course, promoting wholesale value.
NAPSLO president Leonard praised the spirit of collaboration among the members of the merger committee, which has seen to the myriad details of creating a rebranded group of E&S professionals that he said most effectively represents the interests and shared missions of both organizations.
NAPSLO continues to work closely with fellow insurance trade associations and the NAIC to promote the states' uniform implementation of the NRRA's two-pronged criteria for insurer eligibility.
Wood, who is the immediate part president of NAPSLO, said he expects to see the usual amount of "intoxicating" deal-making at the event, which is "like a shark-feeding tank," his smile coming through the phone as he said it.
Domestic carriers in the United States should also be allowed to set up voluntary trust funds for policyholder protection similar to Lloyd's NAPSLO added.
Robert Sargent, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tennant Risk Services and 2011-2012 President of NAPSLO