NAPTENational Association of Television Program Executives
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Kahn and other principals are available for interviews; scenes from the three new shows may be previewed at NAPTE, as well as after the convention.
NAPTE is credited with shaping the future of television through the influence of it's members.
NAPTE Day participants included Bruce Johansen, president of NATPE, the Santa Monica-based TV association; Italian-American producer Lorenzo Minoli; consultant Russ Kagan and British-American producer Allan McKeown.
BKS/Bates Entertainment, a television syndication company and equity partner of ALL-STAR FOOTBALL, is offering the weekly schedule of games to stations throughout the country, and will introduce the football series to the television industry at the upcoming NAPTE (National Association of Television Program Executives) convention later this month.
The Hip Hop TV Network Channels will be represented at the upcoming NAPTE Television Producers Conference, solidifying distribution and marketing partnerships for 2010-2011 broadcasting season.
Paxson also noted that the recent NAPTE convention in Las Vegas had drawn interest from 11 TV stations looking to affiliate with IN-TV.
the leader in design and development of 3D digital infrastructures and visualization systems, announced today that Ethan Schur, Director of Marketing for TDVision will be speaking at the NAPTE LATV Festival on Wednesday, July 30th.
Two dozer film crews were counted stopping to get pictures of the mice during the three days of NAPTE.
Raven Moon Entertainment will have a booth at the NAPTE (National Association of Program Executives) Convention in January; and will be offering the half-hour programs to the same 200 stations that we currently have a relationship with.
Because the industry struggles over how to fully utilize new technologies, NAPTE wants panel members to discuss the issues of piracy and offer solutions for sharing digital content while protecting intellectual property.
Salzman has received over 100 programming awards from such organizations as the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, BPME, NAPTE, Associated Press, UPI, American Bar Association, Golden Quill, Chicago Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival and American Women in Radio and Television.
com at the NAPTE show in New Orleans, January 24th - 27th at booth 2796 or at the Interactive Newspaper Conference in New Orleans, February 8th - 12th at booth 530.