NAPTENational Association of Television Program Executives
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Kahn and other principals are available for interviews; scenes from the three new shows may be previewed at NAPTE, as well as after the convention.
NAPTE is credited with shaping the future of television through the influence of it's members.
Los reporteros de VideoAge vieron por primera vez la "caja"--decodificador--que es el corazon del sistema IPTV--en la convencion de NAPTE en Las Vegas.
Doug Krile, KKYK's news director, commented: "The decision to go virtual actually began when Neil Ardman, KKYK's general manager, saw SoftSet at NAPTE.
NAPTE Day participants included Bruce Johansen, president of NATPE, the Santa Monica-based TV association; Italian-American producer Lorenzo Minoli; consultant Russ Kagan and British-American producer Allan McKeown.
BKS/Bates Entertainment, a television syndication company and equity partner of ALL-STAR FOOTBALL, is offering the weekly schedule of games to stations throughout the country, and will introduce the football series to the television industry at the upcoming NAPTE (National Association of Television Program Executives) convention later this month.
Paxson also noted that the recent NAPTE convention in Las Vegas had drawn interest from 11 TV stations looking to affiliate with IN-TV.
Two dozer film crews were counted stopping to get pictures of the mice during the three days of NAPTE.
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