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NAQNational Agency Questionnaire
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NAQNative Alliance of Quebec (Canada)
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In order to investigate the presence/absence of workplace mobbing based on the NAQ, the most common frequencies of negative acts of workers who identified themselves as victims, witnesses and offenders at some work event, as well as other characteristics of the event, were listed.
Response to the question of workplace bullying According to the NAQ survey, all participants were asked to state whether or not they had been bullied, based on the following definition:
2] % 56,96 82,04 74,20 CVg/CVe 0,32 0,93 0,78 (1) Fator M1000 NAQ MAQ PROD Blocos 19,65 30852,54 69,78 63395,67 Cultivar 41,29 68207,93 537,53 * 415216,27 * Residuo 93,91 48628,20 101,16 63289,60 Media 60,82 1346,97 81,15 2408,12 CV(%) 15,93 16,37 12,40 10,45 (2) Fator M1000 NAQ MAQ PROD Blocos 188,47 15532,95 36,69 44943,81 Cultivar 117,39 734,80 153,33 187817,17 * Residuo 132,77 40523,32 203,35 249106,39 Media 76,61 1154,16 87,55 2750,22 CV(%) 15,04 17,44 16,29 16,29 Conjunta M1000 NAQ MAQ PROD Cultivar (C) 56,85 27707,34 425,05 * 197329,92 * Ambientes (A) 20,28 18187,32 831,25 * 1394178,75 * (C) x (A) 69,77 58134,81 374,12 * 523048,03 * Residuo 49,64 53041,85 111,42 72350,55 Total 2495,06 1361668,24 7985,41 7449732,25 Media 60,17 1327,50 76,99 2578,54 CV(%) 15,71 17,35 13,71 10,43 [h.
The area that encompasses the new deposit and includes the NAQ PII-2 well is located in the northern section of the concession, where the identified reserves are higher than originally projected, confirming the concession's high development potential.
Along with the efforts undertaken by the National Assembly and the NAQ, the Archives Committee of former parliamentarians intends to establish a network composed of former parliamentarians and of regional archivists of the NAQ or of certified private archives services which will cover all of Quebec.
Additional PSQ and NAQ forms may be ordered from the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO) using DISCO Form 2.
The underlying assumption for the NAQ is based upon Niedl's (1996) approach: "the definitional core of bullying at work rests on the subjective perception made by the victim that these repeated acts are hostile, humiliating and intimidating and that they are directed at himself/herself' (as cited in Einarsen et al.
1998) NAQ and the NOT by Vanhanen and Janhonen (2000) to conduct a longitudinal study of student perceptions of nursing.
Los resultados obtenidos en este trabajo deberian interpretarse con cautela debido a las siguientes limitaciones: (1) utilizacion de un instrumento para la evaluacion del mobbing de elaboracion propia, aspecto que dificulta realizar comparaciones con las puntuaciones en mobbing de estudios previos, la mayoria de los cuales han utilizado el NAQ o el LIPT.
Segun Meseguer (2005) diversos estudios factoriales que se ha han realizado con el LIPT (Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terror), con el NAQ (Negative Acts Questionnaire) y la Escala CISNEROS, han mostrado de 2 a 5 factores, mostrando la factorialidad del acoso, no obstante, no existen estudios que analicen a su vez dichos factores y las diferencias entre ellos.
This work was accomplished under the project "The Status of Shrimp's Fisheries in Sonmiani Bay Lagoon" funded by Agricultural Linkage Program, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) grant to NAQ and is gratefully acknowledged.
Para evaluar el acoso psicologico se utilizo la version de 22 items del NAQ, que recoge conductas tipicas de acoso respecto a las cuales el sujeto debe indicar en que grado las ha padecido durante los ultimos seis meses.